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Before I take a photograph, I imagine how I want the photograph to appear in my mind. I compose the image through my viewfinder from multiple perspectives, and I do this several times until I see my shot.

Photography had been a fascination of mine because it captures not only a subject, but my personal point of view of the subject. I strive to not have my photographs simply document a scene but reflect what I find personally interesting about the subject.

Born and raised in Minnesota, I studied photojournalism at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire where my passion for photography truly developed. I learned shooting with black and white film and working in the darkroom.  As digital technology grew, it became the industry standard for photojournalism and I began adapting, working with digital cameras and editing using Adobe Photoshop.

My work appeared in The Spectator, the campus newspaper of the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire and The Leader-Telegram, the daily newspaper serving Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Now residing and working in Los Angeles, California, I am exposed to diverse elements and subjects.  I continue to photograph working with both film and digital mediums and I continue to expose my audiences to a new visual experience.

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